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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Bar Bar Pune Ladies Night and Boozy BBQ

Ladies Night are lit and honestly all the other nights as well. This watering hole in Pune is sure famous amongst the Puneites and with a strong reason as well. What do you expect when you happen to be India's first bar with wholesale pricing - the best of course.

Bar Bar is having a Boozy Bbq festival till 25th of this month. Only place in pune serving food made in alcohol and its bae.The specially curated food menu by Chef Paul features an assortment of 11 perfect boozy dishes that can get you high without your favourite pint on the side.
While they have also curated a special drink to order with each of these dishes. Check it out everything you need to know and more. 
Btw my personal favorite - Loaded Nachos with Chilli Infused Tequila; White Rum Tandoori Chicken Tikka; Gin & Lemon Chicken Wings.

The chef personally recommends the Bourbon Barbecued Cottage Cheese Brochettes; bourbon sauce, grilled vegetable & couscous and the Beef Tenderloin with Whisky Cream Sauce; served with mushroom risotto & broccoli as his favourites from the menu and we couldn’t agree more!

If the alcohol wasn’t enough, Pair them with their beer tower and classic LIITs available at wholesale prices through the day.

Head to BAR BAR for a finger licking good time with your best buddies for this limited period festival.

Ladies Night At Bar Bar 

BAR BAR | First Floor, Phoenix Marketcity Pune | Connect on Facebook and Instagram @BarBarPune
Timings: Weekdays 3.00PM – Midnight; Saturday – Sunday 12 PM-Midnight
For Enquiries: +91 8806 967967


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lord of the Drinks Pune

The famed Lord of the Drinks - LOTD has come to Pune. How does this make me feel completely glad, sad or total rad?
Lets start from the starting ... this happening place is located at the busy Kalyani Nagar main junction - Fortaleza opposite Gold Adlabs. The place is situated such that you get beautiful view as you look down sipping on your favorite drink. Spread over two floors, the ambience is lit and I love the bar. Its so pretty with all those fancy light chandeliers that you are drawn to it automatically. The seating is comfortable with plush sofas. They also have a terrace seating with another bar which has got a nice white casual vibe.
The evening was beautiful, was it delicious as well is the question ?
Started with a Melon twist cocktail.

Melon Twist Cocktail
Rs 450 

Let the drama unfold with Vodka, fresh watermelon, basil, coriander, passion fruit syrup and sweet and sour mix flamed with cinnamon stick. This came in a horn kinda thing with some lovely drama unfolding with pouring of fumes of cinammon. This was quite ordinary nothing to remember or order again.

Apple Foamtini
This looked too pretty to be true with loads of drama and presentation in style.
A vodka based drink with Green Apple and mint foam to be the main bases. I found this drink too minty. As I said it looked pretty as a daisy but definitely lacked any punch.

Cucumber Sour
This definitely needed some tweak it really tasted like fresh cucumber water and thats not what I  expect from my cocktail or have a cocktail in the first place for. May be its just my thing.

Chicken and Bhutta Quenelle
Rs 235
An amazing soup I had in a long time, so creamy, perfect consistency, light and subtle flavours and comforting which came with steamed grilled corn and chicken Quenelle. To be eaten as you wish. I had a mouthful of everything together and it was wonderful. The balance of each element on that plate, the sweetness of corn coupled with comforting creamy soup and bite of tender well cooked flavourful chicken - yum. The presentation was so good.

Tandoori Chicken Nicoise Salad.
Rs 395
Its a meal in itself with a generous amount of spicy pulled tandoori chicken, eggs, potatoes, olives, jalapenos, onions, herbs to add to that wholesome taste and mango vinaigrette. I would be happy just munching on this. So filling, healthy and tasty as hell.

Veg Five Spice Dumplings
Rs 355
Must try for the dimsum lovers.
A mixture of veg filling so beautifully balanced and steamed with a five spice mix and chilli. The dips were so neat and went amazingly the dark red was the spiciest, where as the green one had hints of mayo and was the most subtle amongst the three and creamy. Where as my heart was on the last one. A peanutty one with a corse texture and medium heat which went with the dumplings superbly. .

Malabari Prawns
Rs 495
Prawns in malabari masala dressing chargrilled to perfection drizzled with coconut malai sauce or dip. those crunchy flavourful curry leaves, pungent mustard seeds ka tadka on the well done sweet prawns. The flavour was crazy.
I devoured 4 of those babies and was still finding it difficult to stop myself.

Butter Chicken Croquettes
Rs 425
Perfect crispy croquettes but definitely missed the butter chicken filling taste.
I will give this a miss.

Chettinad Chicken Pizza
Rs 455
The chettinad chicken is love and pizza is bae so was in real anticipation to try this out. The base was lovely thin and loaded with enough cheese. The chicken flavourful with the masala the sour pickled onions tasted nice. However it didnt come out perfectly well balanced. The masala or toppings were tad less which decreased the flavour. It was difficult to eat the complete or huge onions. It would be nice if they could perhaps slice them. This has potential.

Black Dal
Rs 355
So creamy, so flavourful, mashed nicely with all the spices which were really subtle which added to the taste of the core ingredients and the slow cooking gave it such amazing taste and then there was their secret boozy ingredient as well.

Tadka Paneer Masala
Rs 395
This was served with a kulcha and I  just took one bite cause I was waiting for my mutton. That one bite was enough to state this was better than the non veg curry. This was creamy, rich paneer flavour, soft melt in your mouth paneer and that makhani ka swad with paratha.

Pepper Pistachio Mutton Korma
Rs 525
This was served with malabar paratha. Nothing like a korma I tasted ever. Very rich and creamy. Was'nt spicy at all, you could get a wiff of pistachio and taste it as well in every bite. The korma was very subtle and hardly any heat from the pepper. It was nice. The mutton was cooked well.

Goan Prawn curry.
Rs 595
Now here was a lovely flavoured curry with lots of coconut flavour and juicy prawns. I wish it was a little thinned. I found it too thick for a curry. Otherwise it was yum. It was served with lemon rice. Now the lemon rice on its own was nice but with the prawn curry I prefer plain boiled rice. I thought they both lost their individual taste after pairing them together. Now thats just my view.


Red Velvet cake.
Rs 275
I truly never was nor am a fan of red velvet cake so cant say much.

Classic jar of Tiramisu
Rs 275
Firstly it wasnt set in a jar. It came like a slab or a piece of cake.
It was moist, soft, juicy and it was very good. I have had tiramisus at lots of places, i wont say it was the best but definitely was very good. If not the first comes in the second category.

Nutella Chocolate Panacotta
Rs 275
I dont know why its called panacotta here, it was nothing like panacotta firstly. It didnt have that texture neither the wobble nor that softness or the taste.
It was good as something like a cheese cake on its own but it was'nt panacotta.

All in all I have mixed feeling about this place. I expected the drinks to be in their league just going by their name. The drama, the presentation is all there but the punch, the core is missing. They really need to up their drink game situated bang in the middle of such noteworthy watering holes.
The food is really good and flavourful, few tweaks here and there no complaints on that front. The desserts are ok. The ambience and comfort is really good, you can sit here for hours but you need a reason to do that.
The service was not upto the mark and slacked a bit. All these may be teething problems. The place has tremendous potential and stands at a prime place. What needs to be seen is will they pull up their socks and deliver to the expectations.

Hope you find this post helpful.

Until next time, next post.


I Will Fly

Women's Day comes every year with aplomb and is celebrated all over and that it is routine as usual. This year too the same happened and I am here asking myself - is it just that much and its over. One day of chocolates, of speeches, dinners and gifts of appreciation and then gone.

Every single day it is not like nothing is changing but neither is it like a lot is changing.
Still the questions remain unchanged, the stereotyped ones. Those moulded in one kiln for all kinds. The typical ones set aside for us women, "Don't be out late" "don't indulge in arguments" "is this what you wearing" Why are you cutting your hair so short, does your husband like it that way ?" " Is your father/husband okay with you doing that?" #don't travel alone" "When you getting married or having kids?" "you drink omg " "don't drink openly" Don't swear". This mentality is not changing. These questions and heap loads of similar ones haunt women across borders all over. Its more or less constant.

We are brought up with set of values which are imprinted and we need to continue with them, why so? If you negate, you are a rotten apple or a rebel with no cause. Why are women made to feel guilty for not cooking well, cleaning well or doing it all. Belittled on their appearance - too bold sometimes for your liking, sometimes its too plain and at others just not bothered.
No matter what others seem to have a bigger opinion than we ourselves. A simple short haircut becomes a matter of great discussion. How is my marriage or having kids got anything to do with a whole bunch of people I barely know. Why is it that If I am very successful I am a whore? Why am I typecast? Why everyone has an opinion of what I do in my life? So much of judgement on our life, choices, marriage, dating, dressing, capabilities, decisions, children, on just being.

We can live without this drama. Have we even asked you what we want or your opinion in every single aspect of our being or is it that we just don't know how to live.
Let us be, Let us bloom, we are different, we have a voice and we will use it. Let us fly and soar high. If you don't let us be, we have wings and we shall fly no matter what. Women need to uplift each other and break this shackles of age old mentality. Its time we support our kind. After all it takes  strong women who support other women to be strong and Strong women to raise stronger women.

Its time to celebrate not one day but its time to celebrate our self however we are - perfect imperfections of our beautiful being, finding our way, opening our wings, blooming and living on our own terms every single moment.
Every day is this fight fought in every way, together we shall celebrate us after all we are the creators and the Shakti behind it all. So lets create our stronger self and rise for - being ... just being who we are without question and it all.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Man vs Food at Irish House Pune India - Monster Burger

Watch this fight between a monster burger and man. Can you guess who wins.

Green beers, Irish food, giant burgers and lots of drinking games are headed your way, so keep your calendars free and get ready for The Irish House St. Patrick's Week from the 10th to the 18th of March for a whole lot of fun.

This Giant burger weighing 1.5 kgs is part of their specially curated menu for the St Patricks Week. 

This costs Rs 575 ++. You can avail it for free, all you have to do is successfully complete their Man vs Burger challenge and eat this monster in 30 minutes.

So what you waiting for. Let the celebrations begin. Who is up for this challenge. Don't forget to check how I fared in my challenge and do like, share the video and subscribe guys to my youtube channel as well and stay tuned.


Monday, February 26, 2018

We Think We Have Time.

The trouble is we think we have time - Buddha

Its such a short and simple line with the meaning staring at us in the most honest sense however we steadfastly deny to accept it on its face.
We live for tomorrow, we are ingrained to think about future about past mistakes.
We seldom live in today. Whatever we do its always for the betterment of future never today. Honestly, who will see tomorrow do we know. Do we even know how much will we live and in what condition. Then why dont we live in today.
I take rest today and not on the weekend. I deserve that chocolate today. Let me wear the nice dress today and not save it for a special occassion. Take that vacation, learn new things, spend quality time with loved ones.
Who knows how much time do we have. So I will make my time beautiful now. Live life fully now. Not holding grudges, forgiving now, exercising now, loving now, Living now cause time is just a mirage and we are caught in its magic.
Plan for tomorrow but live today.
Don't think about what can happen in a month or a year. Just focus on today and make it beautiful, do the best you can to reach where you want to be cause all we have is now. So why take anyone and anything for granted. Life is unpredictable but beautiful nevertheless, its precious and so are we.
Let everyday be like the last day ever and life certainly will be big if not long and beautiful.
On that note I am sharing an outfit close to my heart and style and easy breezy look in my favorite shade pink and its a pale pink.

Bag - Victoria Secrets 
Denims- Levi's
Top - Roadster
Footwear- Footin
Watch- Tommy 
Neckpiece - Romwe 


Saturday, February 24, 2018

How to shop online like a Pro

The traffic gets worse as we speak making it difficult to go anywhere leave alone shopping through the crazy mayhem. Add to it the crazy bee lines for the changing rooms plus the luxury of not having everything under one roof to check it out or compare.
Another scenario- A hot mug of coffee cuddled in your favourite spot at home shopping to your hearts content with crazy options to chose from. Not to forget the year round competitive offers. No wonder online shopping has become the first choice and a popular one in all age groups. Its a bliss to shop online but there are times when we are disappointed because the biggest drawback is we are not seeing, feeling or not in physical contact with the product and process.
So I thought I would just compile a few to - do's list which definitely has improved my online shopping experience with you guys.

First and foremost compare, there are so many sites offering the same product and different discounts and offers - Always compare and do not and I stress on DO NOT BUY THE FIRST YOU SEE.

Check the shipping, return and exchange policy before buying anything. You don't want to be stuck with a product which doesn't fit right or is damaged. Secondly the shipping charges are also important, doesn't make sense to buy something whose value is less than what you pay for its shipping and whether they ship in your area that is.

Reviews are most important as you cannot see or feel or try the product. You need to see the opinion and experience of other buyers who have bought it. I always go by the reviews. It makes life that much easier. Remember to share your review about the product you buy this enhances the overall shopping experience for all. Its a simple give and take. Normally the reviews and ratings are included on the same page of the product or else there is no dearth of reviews online. Go check before you buy.

This again is very important cause sizing differs according to the makers or companies and brands. You might be a M but a S would suffice in some cases or even you may require an L in others. Know your body measurements for the same.

Just don't blindly go on the picture you like. It is photo shopped and styled to perfection. Read the information below - the fabric, the fit, the style, the care. You don't want to buy a cheap quality material or something that sticks to you body horribly or which doesn't look good on you - you get the drift I assume.

Finally before you buy check for offers and coupons codes/ discounts on the site or on google. In fact there are lot of sites which only are meant for offers and coupons. Check.

Do I need to stress on this more - do not save you credit card information on the site. IT IS NOT SAFE.

There are 100's of sites which are coming up with their own small business. Check the reviews, check the experience, don't blindly order. Better still order less if you ordering for the first time and still better chose COD so that you can pay when the product arrives after checking it.

If you are fine with it, sign up for the notifications and newsletter of your favorite website. That way you will be notified of  the upcoming sales, offers, new collections etc

That's it, did I miss anything? Let me know if you have anymore pointers. These are the ones I use and I am quite happy shopping online with them.
So what you waiting - Happy Shopping !


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